Blog posts of '2019' 'March'

Exploration through a Summer Reading Program

Exploration through a Summer Reading Program

This year’s summer reading program is out of this world! Since we will all be celebrating space exploration and Neil Armstrong’s 50-year anniversary of walking on the moon, the Collaborative Summer Literacy Program (CSLP) has developed the slogan “A Universe of Stories” for 2019. Not only will thi...

Figurines Forever a Favorite

What's so special about toy figures?

Figurines have been a staple of children’s toyboxes ever since manufacturers began making them. What child has not played with toy barnyard animals or dinosaurs? The popularity of toy figures is timeless. They have universal appeal, and these fun objects can be used to educate children too.



6 Steps to Make Your School Store Work

school store tips for success

Are you trying to raise funds for a field trip or new classroom equipment? Would you believe that there is a way to earn cash for these while teaching your students how they can apply the skills that they are learning in school to the real-world? Running a school store in your building is a profit...

Which Adorkable Eraser Are You?

Our Adorkable Erasers are so cool and trendy, and each one has a shining personality! Are you an Adorkable? Which one are you? Take our quiz and find out!

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