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Costly Consequences to Being Net-Free

How important is access to the internet for education?

The internet is a constantly flowing fountain of information. In the 21st century, it is the go-to tool for when we seek answers to our questions, need to communicate with others, or have extra time to spend entertaining ourselves. We go online at work, school, and even at our favorite restaurants...

Free Dr. Seuss Printable Activities

Looking for some free downloadable and printable activities for Dr. Seuss Day and Read Across America? We've got Dr. Seuss coloring sheets, Dr. Seuss word searches, and Dr. Seuss Spot the Difference Games all featuring your favorite characters from the legendary books.

Click on an image to download...

Stress Relief for Kids

How to deal with stress as a youth

What Is Stress?

Dealing with stress is one of life’s challenges. For some, stress is a minor obstacle experienced by the body when faced with manageable demands. For children, it might be caused by having to take an important test or participate in a sporting event. Sometimes, it’s a great motiva...

Say “No” to Vaping and “Yes” to a Healthy Youth

How to deal with kids and vaping

Since e-cigarettes made their debut in the recent past, the number of nicotine users skyrocketed. Just in 2015, the Surgeon General reported that use among high school students had increased by a staggering 900 percent. What is even more shocking is that of those reported users, nearly half had no...

From Snow Days to Virtual Learning Days

How to deal with snow days

When snowstorms turn school districts into winter wonderlands, everybody’s routine can be thrown off track. If inclement weather is too severe for travel, schools close, often to the delight of students who have grown accustomed to using the extra time to play outside, rest, and relax. Many teache...

Valentine’s Day the Fun, Academic Way

Valentine’s Day the Fun, Academic Way

February 14 is quickly approaching, so now is the time to begin planning a few fun academic Valentine’s Day activities to use with your elementary students. From handmade crafts to projects requiring critical thinking skills, these activities will open one’s heart to a love for creativity. While t...