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Classroom Thanksgiving Activities

Happy Thanksgiving from Raymond Geddes.

Nothing was easy for the Pilgrims when they arrived in the New World on the Mayflower in the early 17th century. Luckily, they were able to befriend the natives who inhabited the land now known as Plymouth, Massachusetts. With the help of the people called the Wampanoag, their first harvest was bo...

Influencing Learning and Creativity with Color

Assorted colored pencils.

Blue, black, gray, white. These are the common colors of our school supplies for writing. While they are enough to get the job done, they are ordinary. Adding a splash of color to a child’s pencil box can make all the difference in one’s level of interest in learning and creativity. Bringing in a ...

Why Teaching Children Mindfulness Matters


Mindfulness is an invaluable process that helps people become aware of themselves in the present moment. Through controlled breathing, it lets an individual focus on being attentive to one’s own body and mind instead of all the things that are happening in the surrounding environment. It also teac...

YouTube, the New TV
Learn how to keep your kids safe when finding content on YouTube, plus find the best shows there for children to watch.