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Mitzvah Day 2018

Mitzvah Day 2018

Here at GEDDES, we’re always happy to support organizations that are doing important work, and we were very happy to contribute school supplies to the Jewish Museum of Maryland’s Mitzvah Day event on December 25, 2018.

The Jewish Museum of Maryland is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and stud...

GEDDES Named One of Christian School Products’ Top Picks of 2018

Geddes named as one of Christian School Products Top Picks of 2018

Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. is very pleased to announce its selection as one of the top product picks of 2018 by Christian School Products Magazine. For over 90 years, Raymond Geddes & Company has been creating fun and affordable school supplies, toys, and fundraising products to serve the youn...

Seuss Appeal: Starts, Keeps Kids Reading

Keep kids reading with Dr. Seuss

For decades, books by Dr. Seuss have encouraged people of all ages to become life-long readers. Their popularity spans the globe, leaving many aspiring authors of children’s books wondering how they themselves can write such timeless and successful stories. The key to Dr. Seuss’s craft lies in his...

Teaching Civil Rights in Your Classroom

MLK and teaching civil rights in your class

On January 21, 2019, the United States will observe the federal holiday of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. King, whose birthdate is January 15, was one of the most predominant leaders of the Civil Rights Movement during the ‘50s and ‘60s. Admired for his civil disobedience and nonviolent tactics, King...

Breaking Back into the School Routine

How to get back to a routine after winter break

Clearly, the new 2019 calendar is proof that the holidays are over for a while, but kids are still wound up from their winter celebrations. It is a challenge to get kids settled down, but it is a job that must be done. To help kids refocus on their studies, parents and teachers can use several tec...

Comics: A Positive Influence on Girls’ Self-Esteem

Using comics to help girls to read more

There is a new need for superheroes, and it is not fighting crime. We all know that growing up is not easy. So many of us have struggled with self-esteem issues from childhood through adolescence, and for girls, this period can seem like one never-ending battle. During this time, girls struggle to...