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2018 Events for Education Professionals

One of the best ways to stay up to date on the latest trends, tools, and techniques in education is to attend an educational conference. These are great events where teachers, principals, librarians, and other education professionals can get together, network, exchange ideas, and offer emotional sup...

DIY Birthday Bash Bucket

Birthday bash bucket - DIY

Every Day is Someone's Birthday

Students love and appreciate when educators go above and beyond to recognize their special day.

Here's a project you can easily do to turn your classroom into birthday party central. All you need is a small container, a printer, and some cheap and affordable birth...

Recess Before Lunch

Recess before lunch?

Traditionally, schools schedule students' lunchtime before their midday recess. Recently, some health and wellness experts have questioned whether this order works best for children. We know kids can have difficulties learning when they are hungry, so they need to eat. Recess is just as important ...

How to Dialogue with Students about Hate and Violence

How to Talk with Students about Hate and Violence

Whether students encounter hate and violence first-hand or indirectly, they need guidance in coping with these issues. They may be exposed to such acts on the evening news or may even be victims themselves. From bullying to school shootings, kids are aware of serious problems that are occurring ar...