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An All-Inclusive Approach to Winter Holidays

How to create all-inclusive winter holidays

With winter break awaiting right around the corner, you are probably anxious to spread holiday cheer throughout your classroom. Depending on your school’s policy, celebrating winter holidays may have to follow strict guidelines. Your diverse students celebrate in ways unique to their cultures and ...

Everlasting Appeal for A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Appeal of a Charlie Brown Christmas

What holiday movies will your kids be watching this Christmas? The Polar Express? Elf? The Grinch? With so many recent additions to the Christmas film library, is there still an interest in watching A Charlie Brown Christmas? As it turns out, the themes within this classic are timeless. From deali...

Handling Holiday Consumerism with Your Class

Handling Holiday Consumerism with Your Class

The approaching winter holidays are a time for us to spread peace and goodwill throughout our communities. The holidays remind us of the importance of friends and our love for family. However, we are terribly influenced by the distraction of consumerism that is omnipresent in our society. It is na...

Parenting When Your Child Is the Bully

What happens if your child is the bully?

Although bullying among children has always existed, it seems that only in the recent past have people really taken a stand against it. An increased awareness of the problem has led schools to embark on anti-bullying education and to adopt zero-tolerance policies against offenders. In school today...

How to Get New Writers to Write

Kids writing

Writing practice is essential for anyone learning to use effective language skills. Getting started on a writing assignment can be difficult for any age when one is not comfortable with writing. The more opportunities a new writer has for practice, the better prepared he or she will be when the ti...

Dress Codes Offensive to Students

Dress codes offensive to students?

At the start of each school year, most schools present a code of conduct to students and their parents. Within this rule book is the dress code which is often designed to keep students from offending or distracting others. While some parts of the dress code make sense, others seem to directly targ...