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An End of Year Letter from Will Geddes


Dear Friends,


2017 marked our company's 93rd year in business and what a year it's been! Way back in 1924 when my grandfather started the company, we only sold a basic yellow #2 pencil and a ballpoint stick pen to the Baltimore area. 


I believe he would be proud of the way we’ve been able...

2017 Christmas Party at the Eastside Family Shelter

Every year GEDDES stops by the Family Shelter in Rosedale, MD with boxes and boxes of school supplies and toys for all of the kids. Put aside the office parties and office decorating, for our company this is THE highlight of our holiday season. The children are so appreciative and make the event so ...

Should Teachers Use Prize Boxes?

Should teachers use prize boxes?

Teachers often use awards selected by students from a prize box. Kids love the colorful writing supplies, inspiring bookmarks, eye-catching pencil accessories, and other prizes for students. These prizes can be given for a variety of reasons. To earn a prize, students may have to reach a learning ...

Fan Mail: Future Employee?

We love getting mail from young fans! Here's one from a little girl who has great career aspirations! Getting letters like this brings real joy to all of us that work so hard on creating fun products for kids.



Thank you so much for everything you sent me! I use it a lot. As for t...

Gaining Girls' Interest in Football with Math

Gaining Girls' Interest in Football

The rough and tumble game of football does not always appeal to a female audience. Girls may have a difficult time appreciating the game. It can be hard for them to connect to football, especially when female players are few and far between. Fans of football look forward to watching their teams ba...

Holiday Promotions and Your School Store

Holiday Promotions for your school store

With Christmas right around the corner, retailers everywhere are cashing in on sales with their holiday promotions. Your school store's promotions during the holiday have just as much potential as any other store to meet consumers' needs. The school store, however, differs in one BIG WAY. What is ...