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Arrange Desks to Meet Objectives

Classroom seating

The classroom management strategies of effective elementary and secondary teachers often include a variety of desk arrangements. Placing students in seating arrangements that are specific to particular lessons can encourage student participation and objective mastery. From traditional rows and ful...

App Presents Opts: Pokemon Go Tricks Kids into Learning, Exercising

Pokemon Go

Niantic's hot new app Pokemon Go continues to astound the nation since its midsummer release, leaving teachers to wonder how their classes will be affected by the fervor. Since the game is played on cellphones, many schools plan to keep Pokemon at bay by enforcing strict cellphone policies. Althou...

Meditative Moments in the Classroom

Meditation in the classroom

Our nation is dotted with a few schools that have turned to an ancient tool to improve students' well-being and overall school climate: meditation. Studies continue to support its physical and mental benefits. Research indicates meditation can help lower high blood pressure and alleviate pain. Tho...

Art Sells: Kids Still Love Tech-less Projects

Art Sells: Kids Still Love Tech-less Projects

Today's classrooms rely heavily on technology, but devices are not the only useful tool in learning. Hands-on activities inspire learning and creativity. With a few materials, kids can build amazing things with their talent. Enrich any lesson with a little time spent on arts and crafts.

When kids...

School Store at Bear Creek Middle

School store merch at Bear Creek Middle School

Dr. Sheilah Barnett oversees the Bear Creek Grizzly School Store at Bear Creek Middle School in Georgia and she took a few moments to share a bit about their school store.

1. What is the primary purpose of your school store?

The Grizzly School Store is a tool to educate students about business p...