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Pros and Cons of Extending the School Year

Pros and Cons of Extending the School Year

Beginning in the 1840’s, with the dawn of an organized school system, schools have operated on a partial-year basis. This system allowed rural students time off for harvesting and planting, while urban schools gave students time for summer vacation. In recent years, the movement towards year-round...

Reading and Math Websites for Students

Reading and Math Websites for Students

As adults we sometimes struggle with how much technology our children should use and when. Fortunately there are some educational websites geared towards improving students’ academics and helping them practice their computer skills. These websites are great for educators looking to enrich center t...

Keeping Children Engaged in Learning during Summer Break

Keeping kids engaged in learning during summer break

The “summer slide” describes the decline in academic skills and knowledge that affects students during the extended summer break. This “summer slide” varies across grade levels, subject matter and socioeconomic status. On average, students lose the equivalent of two months of reading and math skil...

Olympic Life Lessons

Olympic Life Lessons

This summer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will host the world's Summer Olympic Games of 2016 from August 5 to August 21. As the hype for the games continues to increase, so does speculation about which contenders will take home the coveted medals. The games, however, are about more than someone being t...

Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom. Good idea or bad idea?

Over the past 20 years, as the use of technology has increased, debate has taken place among educators, parents and students about the use of technology in the classroom, where tools are integrated into daily instruction.


Keeps the practice of teaching fresh

Introducing new technology in t...