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Why Libraries are Important

Why libraries are important infographic

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Why Libraries are Important

Libraries have played an instrumental role in human history and are still an integral part of our lives today. Here are just a few reasons why they're imporant.

1. Access to knowledge - 2.5 billion materials circulated in the U.S. annually, access to pu...

Reading Instruction: Sight vs. Sound

Reading Instruction: Sight vs. Sound

How are children learning to read these days? Some reading programs focus on teaching from memorization through the use of sight words. Other programs also rely on memorization, but instead of memorizing entire words, students memorize phonemes, the units of sound made by words' letters. Perhaps t...

Literacy Skills Addressed by Comics and Graphic Novels

Literacy Skills addressed by comics and graphic novels

While you won't find too many copies of superhero comics such as Superman or Batman in a teacher's classroom resources, you may discover the titles of other comics or graphic novels. Using these kinds of texts with a class can help improve students' skills in reading and writing. Even though we of...

School Store at Sackets Harbor Elementary

Ray Spahn is a fifth grade teacher at Sackets Harbor Elementary School in Upstate New York. He took a few moments to tell us about their school store and how they use it to raise funds.

Sackets Harbor Elementary School Store

Tell us about your school and school store

We are a small school district with K-12 in one building. The fifth...