Blog posts of '2016' 'March'

Should Educators Tolerate Zero Tolerance?

Zero Tolerance

Creating a learning environment that is conducive to learning is a necessity for all schools. Today's youth needs assurance that their classrooms will be safe places. Rules and policies are put in place to create a code of conduct for learners; those who violate that code face consequences, of cou...

School Store at Ellicott Mills

Paula D’Alonza oversees the school store at Ellicott Mills Middle School. She, along with an army of volunteer moms, open the school store during student lunch shifts. She took a few moments to tell us about their school store.

School store merch at Ellicot Mills Middle School

Tell us about your school store

It's a small store in a hallway near...

Banned Today but Not Tomorrow?

Banned Books

In 1963, a book was published that still raises concern from some today. As its title implies, the book, according to some, promoted children to physically abuse their parents. In a recent article published by the Illinois Library Association, a list of banned and challenged books for 2014-2015 in...

School Store at Roynon Elementary

Linda Plumley is the Library Media Assistant at Roynon Elementary School in La Verna, CA where she oversees the student-run school store. She took a few moments to tell us what makes their school store awesome.

School store at Roynon Elementary

How does your school store work?

We are a K-5 school with an enrollment of 750 studen...

The Barka School Store

Lori and her husband have been running The Barka School Store at Ernest P. Barka Elementary School in Derry, NH since 2015. She took a few moments to tell us about her awesome school store.

Tell us a little bit about your school store

This year we have offered quite a few fun and exciting shopping...

School Store at Kiewit Middle School

Tina Elyea is a volunteer coordinator at Kiewit Middle School where she oversees the school store. She shared some information about her school’s awesome school store.

How does your school store work?

We exchange “legal” tender for items in the school store. Our store is tied to positive behavior ...