Blog posts of '2016' 'February'

Harvard Report a Call for Updated College Admissions

College Admissions

The steps one must take to be admitted to college weighs heavily upon the minds of high school students bound for higher education. To them, future success will be determined by their academic success and extracurricular activities. Many college admissions officials see their applicants' desperati...

School Store at High Horizons Magnet School

Jessica Lockavitch is a speech-language pathologist who runs a school store at High Horizons Magnet School is Bridgeport, CT. She took a few moments to tell us why their school store is awesome.

Tell us about your school and your school store.

We are a low income school district and our school sto...

School Starts Too Early, Complain Students and Research

School Starts Too Early

Ask average teens for their opinion on school start times, and they may groan at you, "It's too early!" Parents and school administrators may brush off such a response and attribute it to general teenage laziness or that the respondents stayed up way too late the night before. Here is the wake-up ...

School Stores at East Hills and Harbor Hill Elementary

Suzanne Falcone oversees the school stores at both East Hills School and Harbor Hill Elementary. She trains the students to operate a school store through the schools’ Enrichment Workshops, a program designed to give students hands-on experience. She took a few moments to share some great informatio...

Yoga Stretches into Classroom Controversy

Yoga for Students

More public schools throughout the United States are experimenting with yoga programs in the classroom. Step into an elementary class and you will see students in an exercise practice that includes Bunny Breath, Volcano, and Raggedy Ann and Andy—all metaphors for the body movements required. At th...

Redo Your Teacher's Desk

A Messy Desk

If you are a teacher, you know that inevitably as the school year rolls on your desk can become a cluttered mess. With the thousands of things that teachers are responsible for, it’s easy to let paperwork, craft assignments and gifts from students pile up on your desk.

If you find yourself shovin...