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The Homework Battle

The Homework Battle

What is homework exactly? Is it the bane of every student's existence or the tried-and-true method for mastering a skill? Is it extra practice to be done at home or is it the leftover material too vast to be covered during one class session? Perhaps homework is meaningful or perhaps it is busy-wor...

Keeping Kids Organized for School and Beyond

Keeping kids organized for school and beyond

For students to attain academic success, they need to have key organizational skills. With these skills, students learn to manage their materials, time, and even critical thinking. With a few simple supplies and some patient guidance, teachers and parents can ensure their youngsters will have what...

GEDDES wins 2016 Bizrate® Circle of Excellence® Award

2016 Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award

Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has won the 2016 Bizrate® Circle of Excellence® Award.

Bizrate® Insights, a Time Inc. company, is one of the largest sources of consumer-generated reviews of online retailers in the United States. Only 5.8% eligible retailers in North ...