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Homework Can Be a Meaningful Learning Experience

Homework can be a meaningful learning experience

Some claim that long hours spent on homework plagues today's students. Even if this is a myth, we can each surely recall a time when we struggled for too long on a particular assignment. Bad homework nights happen; if they seem to be the norm for a student, however, then the parents should act on ...

Science and Math Seek Female Touch

Getting more girls in STEM

Why are girls failing to pursue an interest in science and math?

Universities and high schools fail to enroll an equal ratio of female to male students in science and other technology-related fields of study. The courses exist, and the opportunities to enter them are equal. Still, not as many wom...

Tell Us About Your Awesome School Store

Tell Us About Your Awesome School Store

Tell Us About Your Awesome School Store

Do you have an awesome school store? We want to know about it!

We’re starting a regular feature here at Geddes where we profile interesting and unique school stores around the country. Whether your school store is a giant storefront or just a small push ca...

Gifted and Challenged

Strategies for Gifted Kids

Mankind has been blessed with gifted individuals who have helped to shape the world as we know it. We applaud the works of Einstein and Mozart. We admire those with the ability to speak multiple languages. Picassos hang on museum walls and medals around our athletes. These gifted individuals, howe...

Inspiring Parent Involvement

Inspiring Parent Involvement

Following a scheduled school-wide parent-teacher conference night, administrators will not be surprised to hear their teachers comment about low attendance. Oftentimes teachers remark about how the parents they really need to see are the ones who avoid the event. Schools nationwide face the dilemm...

Yunxi County in the Hubei Province of China

Recently, Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. worked with a group of volunteers in Yunxi County in the Hubei Province of China to organize an event for the local kids and their parents and relatives who suffer from a terrible lung disease.

This is an area of central China where a large percentage of the...