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Blog posts of '2015' 'August'

School Supplies: Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Saving Money Shopping for School

School supply hunting season is upon us. The first week in July reveals empty cardboard displays in bright, school bus yellow-gold, ready to be filled with pens, notebooks, sticky notes and day planners to be bought and sold.

And buy we do, a report from the National School Supply and Equipment A...

New Math or Common Core

New Math or Common Core

The Common Core: reactions include arguments that it will be dumbed-down, too rigorous, too rigid, too lax, and, of course, will bring an end to education as we know it. Others view it as the same old system of education dressed in a pretty new suit and freshly-shined shoes. There is also a group ...

The Modern Latchkey Kid

The Modern Latchkey Kid

What is a latchkey kid?

A latchkey kid is a child who is left home alone in the time after he or she gets home from school, but before parents or guardians return home from work. According to the After School Alliance, a nonprofit organization, one in 25 children between kindergarten and fifth gr...