Blog posts of '2015' 'May'

The FAQ's of Coding in the Classroom

Computer programming has become extremely popular and has been on the rise for decades. It's no wonder it's gaining such popularity with hit TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, which target America's youth. Most educators who do not have experience with computer programming, though, are left wonder...

Easing the Burden of Different Student Levels in the Same Classroom

All children come to school with vastly different backgrounds, which can directly impact their core knowledge base and how they learn. Some students have parents who are more than willing to help in the education process, while other parents are skittish at openly demonstrating skills they may not...

2015 Creativity Scholarship Winners

We received a ton of truly awesome entries for our creativity scholarship contest. After reviewing all of them, here are our winners:

First Place: Ellen Bridget O'Connell from Minnesota.

Second Place: Taylor Copeland from Connecticut.

Third Place: Lilian Pham from Nevada.

Thank you to ever...

Games like Bingo Increase Learning

It's been proven time and time again, learning is easier when kids are having fun. When learning is fun, kids not only enjoy what they're doing, but they tend to retain more of the information, so it's a win-win situation for students and teachers alike. Kids often look forward to games and they c...