Blog posts of '2015' 'April'

Can School Uniforms Really Impact Public Schools?

School uniform debate.

For years, private schools have required school uniforms as a means to increase efficacy and a sense of unity in the learning environment. Although it has taken public schools time to embrace the idea of uniforms, it is slowly gaining in popularity. When it comes to public schools, proponents of t...

Teaching to Prevent and Treat Dyslexia

Teaching to prevent and treat dyslexia.

Dyslexia is considered one of the most common learning disabilities. A cognitive language disorder related to both reading and speech, dyslexia is characterized by difficulty learning to read and comprehend written language, despite normal or even above-average intelligence. Although it is true in...

Determining the Best Classroom Size for Maximum Student Performance

Desks in a classroom.

Classroom size can directly impact student performance, a point that has been well established over the years. The problem is that most public schools have limited funds and only so many classrooms and teachers available. During the recession that started in 2008, schools were coming up with ideas...

A Bilingual Mind

Bilingual education.

There is no denying that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are vital to the future of our country. As such, STEM instruction is playing a much bigger role for today's students than those of past generations. A successful STEM education can help mold young people into critical thinkers who...