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The Tao of Mister Rogers

Cursive in the classroom

Have you ever met someone who is incredibly intelligent, yet seems awkward or uncomfortable in social situations? Not necessarily at parties, but in the workplace or even out in public? The ability to communicate with others while treating them with respect and courtesy are important qualities tha...

Cursive in the Classroom

Cursive in the classroom

As society evolves, changes in both school curriculum and teaching styles are inevitable. Today's elementary school aged children are often surprised to learn that their parents did not have iPads or laptops in school when they were younger!

Cursive handwriting, also known as "penmanship," was on...

Introducing GEDDES Imprinting

Introducing Geddes Imprinting

We are very excited to announce GEDDES Imprinting - a new website where you can get pens, hats, bags, mugs and other great items imprinted and customized with your school or business’s name, logo, tagline or mascot!

Just visit to view our selection of items and place you...

Our Favorite Blogs of 2014

Best education blogs of 2014

At Geddes, we pride ourselves on offering all the essential school supplies and resources necessary to teachers and parents alike. To stay abreast of the needs and culture of the modern classroom, we spend copious amounts of time combing education blogs, teaching blogs, and parenting blogs. Over t...