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Living Classrooms for Hard-to-Reach Students

Living Classrooms for Hard to Reach Students

Kids can be hard to reach. Whether it is because of an introverted nature or a diagnosed disorder, some of our youth are cutting themselves short. Where we recognize their potential, their self-image is defeated. Luckily, living classrooms exist to help kids break out of their shells.

Typical sch...

Things Teachers Want to Tell Parents

Things Parents Should Know

There are many things that all parents can do to help their children have a successful school year and to increase their learning. What are the most important things that teachers would like parents to know? What can parents do to work in tandem with the teacher to provide the best help for their ...

Language and Communication Developmental Milestones for Children

Language and Communication Developmental Milestones for Children

It is important to understand that not all children will follow the exact sequence in their language and communication development. The following information about developmental milestones in this area is important to note, however, so that you are aware of the typical skills mastered at various a...

We're Sorry

To Our Friends and Valued Customers:

Over the past several weeks, you may have experienced slowness with our website. Using our website during these periods of slowness was frustrating, time-consuming and, frankly, unacceptable.

We’ve poured a lot of time and resources into addressing the issue an...

8 Techniques to Keep Students Engaged

8 Techniques to Keep Students Engaged

Let's face it. For most teachers, getting their students to focus and stay engaged during classroom instruction is challenging. How do you capture student attention and sustain this despite the students' differing abilities and skill levels? What do you do about the limited attention spans of many...