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Reading Rainbow Returns To Inspire Young Readers

Reading Rainbow Returns To Inspire Young Readers

The show that inspired a generation of young readers and fostered a love of reading is making a comeback, and a big one at that. The popular children's show, hosted by Levar Burton, ran on PBS from 1983 to 2006, and reruns continued until 2009 when the show was canceled due to a lack of funding. U...

How to Get a Summer Internship as a Freshman

how to get a summer internship as a freshman

Summer internships are often seen as the domain of upperclassmen looking to get some real-world experience under their belt before they graduate. In some cases an internship may even be a requirement for graduation. However, more and more underclassmen are interested in getting summer internships ...

Getting the Right Ed-Tech into Schools

edtech in classrooms

Educational technology, also known as ed-tech, has increased significantly in both number and quality in recent years. Ed-tech comprises a litany of instructional software designed to help students in the classroom with everything from math and science to reading and writing.

The makers of ed-tec...