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Ten Inspirational Quotes for Teachers

Inspiration is a great motivator, and with spring break still a long way off, plenty of teachers are looking for that extra something to get them through to the next holiday. If you need a dose of classroom inspiration, check out some of these fantastic inspirational quotes from some memorable histo...

Mechanical Pencils vs. Regular Pencils

Mechanical pencils, regular pencils, it’s all lead to me right? Well, not exactly. First of all it’s graphite, not lead, though you can read our blog about #2 pencils to find out why we refer to most pencils as lead pencils. In any case, when choosing between mechanical and regular pencils for your ...

Why Personalize School Supplies?

Personalized school supplies are a great way to add a personal touch to your pencils, pens, and more. But they can do so much more than that. Here are some great reasons to personalize your school supplies.

Why You Should Personalize School Supplies


You can use personalized school suppl...

How to Encourage Kids to Read

Getting kids excited about reading from an early age is important not only to help them academically in the near future, but also to promote a lifelong love of reading that kids will carry with them into adulthood. If you’re looking for ways to encourage your child to read, try some of these tips:


Tips for Holding a Great Reading Event

Read Across America is a great event that encourages students, teachers, parents, and community members nationwide to pick up a book and share their love of reading together. Any school can participate by holding a reading event. The official Read Across America day is Monday, March 3rd, but schools...