Blog posts of '2013' 'September'

Students Run School Store To Learn Business Practices

Senior business students at the Academy of Technology and Academics in Horry County, South Carolina, are getting their first taste of the business world by running their school store, called the ATA School Shack.

The store recently was upgraded from a lunch table in the cafeteria to its own room, w...

Raymond Geddes Has Your School Store Supply Needs

Keeping a school store stocked is no easy task. Kids lose things, which in and of itself isn’t surprising. What is unusual is the fact that nothing ever turns up. One would think that in some dark corner of the school a mass of lost pencils, pens, and rulers would slowly be accumulating, but lost sc...

Unconventional Approach to School Store in Illinois

Students at Lewis and Clark Junior High in Wood River, Illinois, have a new school store this year stocked with things like t-shirts, notebooks, stress balls, and water bottles for the purchasing. However, this school store doesn’t accept cash or credit.

Students pay for their purchases with Patrio...

How Kids Can Learn From The School Store

There’s a lot of learning that goes on outside of the classroom in school. While students learn math, science and language in class, they are also learning important life skills like social skills at lunch and recess. The school store provides a great opportunity for students to start learning finan...