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Blog posts of '2013' 'October'

Support Your Team With Geddes’ Football School Supplies

Football season is here, and Geddes is ready with a full line of NFL football school supplies that sports fans young and old are guaranteed to love. We’ve got plenty of stickers to stick on notebooks, including players stickers, helmet stickers, and football stickers. They’re tons of fun to collect ...

What’s the Significance of the Number Two Pencil?

The number two pencil is the standard pencil used in countless schools by countless students over the years. But why is that? Why, when the school supply lists are sent out at the beginning of the year, is it that teachers specifically request that students have number two pencils? And why is there ...

Why You Should Shop for School Supplies Online

Shopping for school supplies is a never-ending process. One day you have a full pack of pens and the next they’re all gone and you’ve lost the one you were just using. Fortunately, Raymond Geddes makes getting more school supplies quick, easy, and affordable. Here are a few reasons why you should sh...

Stay Hip at the School Store

Kids these days. Trends come and go in what seems like an instant, but they somehow manage to keep up with them all. Meanwhile, the parents, faculty, and administrators try their best to stay current to connect with their kids. They might not always be successful, but they do know that there are som...