Why Teaching Children Mindfulness Matters


Mindfulness is an invaluable process that helps people become aware of themselves in the present moment. Through controlled breathing, it lets an individual focus on being attentive to one’s own body and mind instead of all the things that are happening in the surrounding environment. It also teac...

YouTube, the New TV
Learn how to keep your kids safe when finding content on YouTube, plus find the best shows there for children to watch.
Busy Hands to Better Learning

Kids seem to have short attention spans these days. The way technology is often used by kids does not help much either. Even adults admit to letting their cell phones and other devices impose upon their lives. Many people, young and old, are conditioning themselves to allow distractions to take over...

Kids Inspire Kids

Kids Inspire KidsDuring childhood, kids dream of tackling the impossible. Their goals may seem lofty, but there is no denying their possibility. Unlike adults, a child’s optimism has not yet been crushed by years of disappointing experiences. Kids possess what child prodigy Adora Svitak calls “childish thinking.” It...

School Kits Facilitate Learning in Your Community
This article describes the kind of supplies one will find in Geddes School Kits and how they can help students meet their educational goals.
Staying Organized in a Chaotic Life

When it comes to managing work, school, and family life, some parents are swallowed up by the chaos while others seem to juggle all the demands without skipping a beat. The challenges facing parents put their organizational skills to the test. Finding a way to balance the responsibilities brought ...