School Store at Palmer Elementary School

Sara A. is just one of a few dedicated volunteers who help make the school store at Palmer Elementary School in Easton, PA a success. She took a few moments to tell us about their school store.

School store and Palmer Elementary

1) What is your name and your role?

There are a few of us on the School Store Committee (Allison, Laur...

What Harm Is in an Emoji?

Is there harm in using emojis to communicate?

When educators teach children the English language, they are guided by standards focusing on mechanics, usage, and grammar. The goal is to not just use language appropriately, but also to make precise word choices that perfectly express the thoughts and ideas of the writer. Living languages, those...

Prepping for Field Trips 101

Field Trip Picss

Whether your kids love their school and their teachers or they’re struggling to adapt to the structure of the classroom setting, there’s one thing all school-age children can agree on: field trips are amazing. Every kid loves skipping a day of classroom activities to hop on a bus with classmates a...

New French Law on Phones Benefits, Inconveniences Students

Cell phones in schools

The Law

As part of his campaign prior to election, French President Emmanuel Macron championed policy restricting devices such as smart watches, tablets, and even cellphones from being used by children aged three to fifteen while in school. This year, the French Education Ministry put the plan in...

Is Your Child Overscheduled?

Is your child overscheduled?

As parents, we want to give our children the tools they need to achieve success in life. To some, this means filling up the calendar with as many structured activities as possible, since getting kids involved in sports and clubs helps with the development of strong minds and healthy bodies. While ...

A New School Year, a New Bedtime

A New Year, A New Bed Time

As summer nears its end, your children will need to get back to an ideal sleep routine. For those who have gotten into the routine of staying up late and sleeping the mornings away, this can be a challenge your family faces. When will be the new bedtime once school is back in session? According to...