4 Ways to Use Prizes to Create a Fun Classroom


Research shows that having fun while learning has the ability to create a mental correlation between reward and pleasure with learning, to strengthen and broaden memory networks, and to allow the brain to toggle between two basic neural modes – one used for diffused mind-wandering and the other...

The Best Way to Label Your Kids’ School Supplies



Keeping your kids’ school supplies organized and labeled is a great way to ensure that they stay with your kids the entire school year. As the school year goes on, children’s school supplies tend to go missing, as many parents know — even for the organized students — making the chore and cost ...

What School Supplies Do I Need For 6th Grade?

stacks of back to school books and supplies

Is your child entering 6th grade? Then you probably need to know what school supplies are needed to set a student up for success in the sixth-grade school year. There are many school supplies that 6th grade students will need, depending on their instructors and curriculum, so knowing what school s...

How to Organize Your Kids School Supplies

neatly arranged bright colored school supplies


Back-to-school is right around the corner, so now is the time to commit to a system for keeping your kids organized, as well as their school supplies. For many children, it takes more than just making sure you have the right school supplies to set students up for success. Parents need help gett...

Where Can I Find Inexpensive School Supplies?

A few times of year, parents ask themselves, “Where Can I Find Inexpensive School Supplies?” If this question sounds familiar, the good news is that inexpensive but high-quality school supplies are well within your reach — any time of year, but especially during back-to-school season.

Parents of ...

What School Supplies Do Kindergarteners Need?


Ready to start an exciting school year and need to know what school supplies kindergartners need? You’re not alone! Parents everywhere are getting ready for back-to-school season, shopping for school supplies and back-to-school clothes, and the parents of kindergarteners are no different!