Teaching with Unicorns

Teaching with Unicorns

We see them on T-shirts, coffee cups, and stickers. They are made into everything from stuffed animals to emojis. Everybody wants one, but no one can have the real thing. Since becoming a figment of man's imagination in ancient times, the unicorn has galloped to the forefront of modern man's own f...

Winter Olympics Lesson Ideas

Winter Olympics Lesson Plans

February 9th marks the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Athletes from 90 countries will travel to PyeongChang, South Korea, to compete for a chance to win a world championship in their sport. The Olympics is an exciting event for athletes and spectators alike. Use this year's games to teach usef...

Ordinary Art Supplies, Unique Artwork

Ordinary Art Supplies, Unique Artwork

With all the new technology creeping into classrooms, it is no wonder why boxes of crayons are hidden in the back of students' desks. The push to digitize has left supplies of colorful and scented markers to gather dust. It seems that going paperless has just about eliminated the option for using ...

DIY Birthday Party Putty Surprise

Making your own festive party putty is so easy and so much fun. In fact, making putty is just as much fun as playing with it! Here's an easy recipe you can follow to make perfect putty each and every time. Once you've got the formula down, you can experiment and create all kinds of unique "flavors...

Fundraise Together

Fundraise Together

No parent wants a child to miss out on an important opportunity when in school. Sometimes, however, it is challenging to fund all the great learning experiences we want our children to have. Luckily, the PTA is willing to step up by taking on fundraising responsibilities. This can help a school di...

An End of Year Letter from Will Geddes


Dear Friends,


2017 marked our company's 93rd year in business and what a year it's been! Way back in 1924 when my grandfather started the company, we only sold a basic yellow #2 pencil and a ballpoint stick pen to the Baltimore area. 


I believe he would be proud of the way we’ve been able...