Shorter School Week Will Make Big Difference

Are Shorter School Weeks a Good Idea?

Shortfalls in yearly school budgets are encouraging many school districts to consider shortening the school week by one day. This possibility is especially popular in rural school districts that provide transportation to students living in distant, sparsely-populated locations. Before adopting thi...

Customer Spotlight: The Pencil Granny - Changing Lives One Pencil Packet at a Time

Marketing at the school store

We love hearing from customers who are doing amazing, world-changing things. We recently spoke with Cinda Kelly about her efforts to make sure that every student in the world has something to write with.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Cinda Kelly and I started the Faceboo...

School Stores Profit with Student Marketing

Marketing at the school store

Are you running a school store and want your students to learn about marketing to consumers? After teaching your students some marketing basics, try some fun activities that will help your class learn and use their creativity to help improve the school store's sales.

The Basics

First, your stude...

The Ladies' Tea Encourages, Enables, and Empowers Young Female Students

Ladies' Tea 2

Here at GEDDES we’re very fortunate that we get to hear a lot of great and inspirational stories from different schools across the country. When we hear a great idea, we share it with the hope that other schools will pick up the idea.

William Davies Middle School in New Jersey hosts an annual one...

Classes Get Involved in the Choose Kind Movement

Choose Kind

The world can be a mean, cruel place, and too many children have experienced this first-hand. In an age when anti-bullying campaigns are a necessary part of education, the "Choose Kind" movement, inspired by R. J. Palacio's 2012 novel Wonder, is gaining momentum in schools and communities across t...

Here Comes Spring: Lessons for the New Season

Spring Lesson Plans

The snow and cold temperatures experienced this winter have been too much for some people to endure, and yet, the weather still persists! It seems like spring will never arrive, but, in fact, it is already here in some ways. The change in seasons is marked by the return of migratory birds, the app...