Scented School Supplies

Follow your nose to GEDDES and sniff our selection of scented school supplies. Get scented pencils, erasers, pens, highlighters and more so you can turn any paper into a scented paradise. We have all of your classic scents like strawberry and blueberry, but we also have products with some really awesome scents. Have you ever held an eraser that smelled like Peanut Butter and Jelly or sweet Cinnamon Buns? What about Dill Pickles? Or how about Bacon and Eggs or Cotton Candy? Our scents will make your tummy rumble and have you eyeing the clock waiting for lunchtime. If only they made scratch and sniff computer monitors.

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2 Ct. The Elf on the Shelf® Scented Pen

SKU: 19973
6 2ct cards per box; 12 pens total

Chocolate Bar Pen

SKU: 69965
12 pens per box

Chocolate Drop Sharpener + Eraser

SKU: 70124
12 sharpener plus eraser per box

Donut Keepsake Eraser

SKU: 70212
24 twisted eraser per box

Dr. Seuss Scented Stackable Highlighter

SKU: 69684
24 scented highlighters per tub

Fruity Scented Mini Highlighter

SKU: 69841
50 scented highlighters per tub

Happy World Scented Magnets

SKU: 70470
100 scented magnets per bag

Ice Cream Sundae Scented Eraser

SKU: 69940
24 erasers per bag

Ice Pop Scented Highlighter

SKU: 70164
36 highlighters per box

Jelly Donut Scented Eraser

SKU: 69935
36 erasers per display

Kapow Scented Bookmark

SKU: 69970
48 scratch & smell scented bookmark per pack

Mash Up Scented Kneaded Eraser

SKU: 69836
24 erasers per display

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