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Pencil Toppers

Sometimes, pencils all by themselves can be a little bland and boring for today’s kids. When you need to outfit your pencil with some pizzazz, pencil toppers are just the thing you need. Perfect for adding that finishing touch to your student's favorite pencil, pencil toppers for kids are an extension of your student’s personality and make for a great reward or gift during the holidays. When it’s time to practice handwriting or time to crank out answers to some math problems, you’ll hear no complaints from students when their pencils are topped with cool designs, funny animals, colorful aliens, or their favorite cartoon characters.

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Clip-On Critter Plush Animal Clip

SKU: 64061
24 toys per bag

NFL Helmet Pencil Topper

SKU: 68964
32 pencil toppers per bag

Clip On Cuddles Plush Animal Clip

SKU: 67582
12 toys per bag

Here s Looking At You Eraser Topper

SKU: 69005
50 erasers per bag

Scented Gummy Bear Pencil Topper

SKU: 69748
24 pencil toppers per tub

Monster Pals Eraser Topper

SKU: 68966
24 eraser pencil toppers per display

Wee Ones Eraser Topper

SKU: 69957
24 eraser toppers per bag

Jumbo Clip-On Critter Animal Clip

SKU: 68959
24 toys per bag
$17.76 $15.84

Twinkle Top Teddy Bears Pencil Topper

SKU: 69831
100 pencil toppers per bag

Pencil Sidekick Eraser

SKU: 70115
48 eraser pencil grips per bag

Monster Tip Topz Pencil

SKU: 69610
24 pencils per display

Mr. Mustache Eraser Topper

SKU: 69450
36 eraser toppers per bag

Ice Cream Shoppe Eraser Topper

SKU: 69287
120 scented pencil toppers per display

Clip on Jungle Critter

SKU: 69969
24 toys per bag
$23.76 $17.76

Funny Bunnies Mechanical Pencil with Scented Eraser Topper

SKU: 69769
24 mechanical pencils per tub
$20.40 $15.60

Octo Squishies Pencil Topper

SKU: 70317
100 toppers per bag

Zoo Crew Bright Bunch Pencil Topper

SKU: 70456
100 pencil toppers per bag

Mini-Malz Animal Pencil Topper

SKU: 68616
100 toys per bag