Mention Charlie Brown®, Snoopy®, Lucy®, Linus® or any other Peanuts® characters to anyone of any age and they’ll smile knowingly. Recognized worldwide, these are some of the most beloved, iconic and influential characters ever. Now, you can bring them into your home, school and classroom with our line of Peanuts® school supplies. We’ve got a great selection of pens, notebooks and more that each and every generation can love.

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Peanuts® Holiday Little Notebook

SKU: 70197
24 little notebooks per display

Peanuts® Holiday 6-Color Pen with Stamper

SKU: 70198
12 pens per display

Peanuts® Holiday Character Erasers

SKU: 70199
48 erasers per box

Peanuts® Holiday Giant Eraser Pencil

SKU: 70200
24 pencils with eraser toppers per display

Peanuts® Holiday Pencil

SKU: 70196
72 pencils per display
$15.84 $14.40

6 CT. Peanuts® Holiday Pencil

SKU: 20193
6 pencils per card; 6 cards per inner box