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Two Great Fundraising Options for Your School

1. Your Geddes School Store Starter Kit

Once in a while, an idea comes along that truly is a win-win for everyone. Take The Geddes School Store Starter Kit for example. It’s great for both students and fundraising alike. A school store is ideal for helping students improve vital academic and real world skills, such as math, teamwork, and responsibility. It offers a new and unique learning environment. In addition, for PTO/PTA groups looking to augment traditional fundraising ideas, a school store is a tried and true option.

How it Works

Geddes makes starting your school store very easy. When you sign up for our complete school store kit, we will rush you everything you need to get started.

  • The Geddes School Store Operating Manual: This comprehensive manual is a detailed, step-by-step guide that explains how to get your school store running profitably right from the start.
  • A Starter Box of Products: We get you started with products that are proven best sellers (all at discounted prices) so you can be confident that your inventory is ready to move. You can choose from several starter kit levels to meet the needs of a school of any size.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Take up to 90 days to pay for your first order!
  • 90-Day Guarantee: At the end of 90 days, if your school store isn’t performing the way you had expected, simply request a return label for any remaining merchandise and pay only for what you already sold. No strings attached!

Selling school supplies to school children—in school—means you have the right products, for the right customers in the right place. It’s a formula for success.

2. Not Ready for a School Store? Try the Anytime Fundraiser!

This program gets parents involved by offering top-notch school supplies and supply kits directly to parents as another fundraising opportunity. Our kits highlight select groups of products that are proven student favorites.

The process couldn’t be easier!

  1. Schools send information packets home to parents.
  2. Parents order the items they like and then return the order form, with payment, to the school.
  3. The school then places one bulk order with Geddes and simply distributes the products to students when they are delivered.
  4. Schools have 30 days to pay from the time the bulk order is shipped.

The best part? This is a fundraiser that you can do at any time…even in conjunction with your other fundraisers! And all of our products are unconditionally guaranteed!