Donation Request Guidelines

Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. is committed to supporting schools and organizations that help improve the lives of the youth.

We have established the following guidelines and procedures because of the volume of donation requests we receive. All guidelines and procedures must be followed for Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. to consider a donation.

All donation requests will be for merchandise only. Any requests for monetary donations will not be accepted at this time.


Please review the guidelines below. Only donation requests that meet following rules and regulations will be considered:

  • Only Non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, churches and schools within the United States will be considered for donations.
  • Donation requests to benefit individuals or families are not typically considered.
  • Organizations should limit their requests to once per calendar year so that the applications of as many groups as possible can be considered.
  • Merchandise donated by Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. cannot be sold for profit.
  • Use of the Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. name, logo and trademarks and/or any advertising that implies support or sponsorship of an event by Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. must be approved in writing by Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc.


  1. All requests must be submitted in writing on your organization’s letterhead and be accompanied by a COMPLETED Donation Request Form (below).
  2. Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive, we are unable to respond to each request individually. Donation requests that have been approved will receive an email notification. Because of the number of requests we receive, the fulfillment process can be lengthy.  
  3. Due to the number of requests we receive, preference is given to requests and causes of our current customers. Please include your customer number on the request form.
  4. Submitting a request does not guarantee that your group or organization will receive a donation.
  5. Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. can sponsor events. If your organization has requirements for donations, please include those guidelines and model your donation request to meet those specific requirements when applicable. Please submit donation requests for events several months in advance.
  6. Completed requests and donation forms must be mailed or emailed to the address on the form below.

Please complete the following form in its entirety and to submit supporting documentation as required for donation consideration. Failure to supply Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc. with complete and proper information may result in the dismissal of your request.

Donation Request Form